Handling under pressure | Skills, drills and games

The best coaches earn their corn by improving their players’ skills under pressure. Let’s focus on handling, and how we can provide different opportunities for players to learn, enjoy and explore.

In the VIDEO: Heads up technical passing drill, Tosh Askew directs his attention at the catch-pass action, with some variability. Notice how he’s very keen to ensure the detail of the hand positioning: a great warm-up exercise.

Bank the pass is a full practice plan to explore how to move the ball to a player with a minimum of two passes. This is extremely powerful because the double pass movement will force defensive patterns out of kilter, even for a short moment. Note that this session includes lots of competitive processes.

Thinking more about the roles of the non-ball carrier, Pick, pass and support is an activity that encourages all the players to be in the best place to receive a pass, even if they may not be the first receiver.

Finally, Catch, evade and offload develops the footwork around the catching and passing, so players can transfer handling skills into game contexts. Here, the player is less balanced, so highlighting the need to be more accurate with their passing skills.

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