Getting the ball to the wing | Activities, games and plays

If your winger is one of your most potent players, you want to give him or her the ball more often! But it’s not just as simple as a couple of passes. There need to be some “holding” patterns to keep the defence from spreading out to cover the threat. Here are four different ways to take advantage of your danger player.

In Attack the outside edge, your team aim to attack the space at the corner of the defence. The corner means that the defenders have left a player in the backfield for the kick. This scenario gives your team plenty of chances to attack that space.

Our practice plan, Getting the ball to the wing, develops the skills to pass the ball quickly to the wide player. It has a competitive element, to create the right sort of pressure to see if the skills can hold up.

Quicker, wider is a small-sided game that offers opportunities to exploit the potential to go wide. There are lots of outcomes, so don’t expect your winger to get the ball every time – just like in a real match.

Finally, here is a surprise move called Wing in Miss 12 (M1 Wing). I’ve used this very effectively to make your main threat the focus and create opportunities for other players. I’ve scored a try from it myself (a long time ago though!)

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