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The Super Rugby final last weekend between NZ side, the Crusaders and the Jaguares from Argentina was brutal! The contact area was keenly fought, and the players with the best technique and decision making prospered.

In the end, we got to see Scott “Razor” Robertson, the Crusader coach, celebrate with his iconic dancing. However, the detail that goes into winning rucks was a crucial part of the reason that they won.

Here are sessions, videos and drills to improve your players in these area.

In our practice plan, One on rucks, focus on the detail at the breakdown area, as players develop their individual skils. It takes real game scenarios, breaking them down into their component parts.

My podcast with Chris Sweetapple is called: Hot rucks game walkthrough. He takes a game from our site and talks about how he implements it, when and what he does to create an edge in training.

First in clears the threat is an activity to help players understand their roles at the ruck when they arrive. It explores the different situations that the first arriving player might face when they enter the breakdown.

Finally, in Contact basics in the tackle with Richard Hill, England’s World Cup winning flanker looks at the moments before the ruck forms and how ball presentation will transform your ruck recycling.

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