Five quick ways to invest in your players and four ways to invest in you

With no training sessions in lockdown, our on-going interactions with our players is different.

We can still invest in our players, building their confidence, understanding and belong. Here are some simple, quick ideas.

  1. Set up an online quiz. Try out Sporkle, which has a number of rugby-related quizzes in their archive.
  2. Ask them what their favourite game in training was. If they give you an answer, ask them one reason why.
  3. Ask them who was their toughest opponent. When they answer, ask them one reason why.
  4. Give them a small fitness challenge. Start with a low number of, for example, press ups. And then ask if they can beat it, and then beat a new target (which they set) and so on. Small fitness challenges can be monitored and are less stressful than a full fitness programme.
  5. Ask them to help build a new charter for when the team go back to training. Perhaps use a Google Doc to collate ideas. What will the first training session look like and why they will make it work for them and the rest of the team.

In the meantime, it is also vital to invest in you.

Here are four longer articles about coaching craft to help build up your awareness and skills.

For an alternative approach to coaching, why not look at our comprehensive book review of Effective Coaching Lessons from the Coach’s Coach by Myles Downey.

Jamie Taylor challenges us to reappraise our methods of coaching and put it into more practical contexts. Listen to his views in Managing the complexity of coaching one of our most popular podcasts.

A massive character in Wales rugby, Dale McIntosh, aka The Chief, has been successful in creating strong team cultures. Here are some tips in How honesty and values makes players trust you say The Chief.

Finally, let’s consider our practice design in Adaptive Games: The secret of successful coaches which includes links to lots of different games.

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