Deliver the feet that beat – evasive skills, drills and activities to attack defences

The very best players always seem to make that extra yard or metre in attack. On rare occasions, it’s simply a case of a bigger player crashing through a smaller player. But even the largest players can put down by well-organised and technically efficient defences.

They need to beat the tackler with their footwork. Here are a range of activities to develop these skills so ALL your players, not just your most fleet-of-foot, can make those go-forward gains in attack.

First, encourage players to use a late change of direction. In Step, cut and break, the attacker aims to set the defender then accelerate away.

Step away from the defender is a development of the previous activity, using different cues so the ball carrier reads the situation to get beyond the defend.

Good footwork is also a good way for the ball carrier to create space for their team mates. Use Step and pass in attack to draw the defender one way and release a support player into the gap.

In the VIDEO: Footwork, evasion and twists from a simple grid activity, players develop the basic footwork skills they can use in the activities above.

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