Create natural attackers and defenders | Activities and scenarios

The more you can replicate game situations, the more players can transfer their techniques and skills. Here are four scenarios where the players have to make lots of decisions.

We start with a podcast, where, with Chris Sweetapple, we talk through an activity from the Rugby Coach Weekly website.  In How to run the Defence zone activity, we look at all the different ways you could develop the session, depending on your players’ skills and your own experience levels.

For younger players, the Drive, recycle, support activity aims to disrupt the players so they have to rethink their positioning to support a ball carrier. Of course, it works very well with older players too.

In the VIDEO: Double duel 1 v 1+1 (crowd-coaching), I use the power of your feedback to create an attack/defence scenario. I put together an idea, which I sent out to various coaches. Here are their comments and thoughts for further developments.

Finally, why not set up some Scenario training for decision making. You create some situations and see how the players solve the problems. There’s more than one way, so it’s a great chance to stand back and empower the players to come up with their own tactics.

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