Courage for contact and courage for decisions

Win the contact area and you win quick ball in attack. Quick ball means the chance to attack defences when they are at their least prepared.

In this newsletter we have a mix of bravery, technical skills and courage to make the right decisions with those skills.

Bravehearts is a full session plan which explores how your players react quickly under physical pressure to win the ball. A very popular activity with the players because it becomes very competitive.

Once you have the ball, you need to get in position to attack where the gaps are, or through the weakest point of the defence. Use Realign to win the gain line to develop the awareness of what the defence could look like and then how to attack it.

If you have to take contact, the next player into the tackle area may have to remove threats to the ball. Clearing out and taking off gives the players access to more techniques to drive away the threat with a low body position.

But don’t forget the role of the ball carrier in the contact area. How they finish in the tackle will give your support players more options to win back possession. Busy, busy ball presentation develops a philosophy and skills around good body management.

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