Back to work – rugby skills and fitness for a fast start to 2019

Welcome back to training.

We all know that there’s been a bit of drop off in intensity. Well, for some, more than a bit!

So, let’s practise the game at twice the speed of a match.

By doing that, you will mix fitness in with skills. Impress upon your players that while other teams are probably doing laps of the pitch, you are getting yourselves back to game-ready status.

Here are four ways to do this, and they should give you plenty of ideas on how to intensify your sessions.

With Tackle then attack, replicate the intensity of the game and improve player awareness even through tackle fatigue. This activity develops decision-making skills straight after contact.

Beef up your defence so players make tackle after tackle. Twice the tackler can be used with small and large groups of players.

Fatigued Decision-Making enables you to examine how your players react when fatigue is creeping up on them. Are they able to maintain their physical and mental speed, and does their technique hold up as their energy declines?

Finally, here are Three games to improve fitness and skills. They will be familiar to you and your players probably. However, it’s the way you coach them that matters.

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