Action Stations! Stage C & Ready 4 Rugby

Action stations! With the RFU approving Stage C for amateur rugby teams, English teams have more options to work with. We expect the other UK countries to have similar arrangements in place very soon.

While there is no contact yet, teams can play up to 10-a-side touch rugby in training (Ready 4 Rugby) and use upskilling activities with significantly larger groups.

The end to the six-bubble? No. Small-group training is still very much part of our session mix. For more on that, visit our Return to Play page for over 20 activities to use.

Here’s what Nuneaton head coach Geraint Davies will be doing with his senior team:

We’ll be focussing on 6v4 and 10v8 overloads, mostly building both attack and defence from set positions on the field. This will help them transition into ‘game mode’ and support them in becoming decision-makers after a period of limited opposition in training.

We’ll also be looking at our defensive and attacking principles, focussing on how we build support to enable us to go forward in a cohesive way.

Given Geraint’s desire to work on attack and defence, here are a couple of sessions to explore some of those themes.

Further to this, Dan Cox, head coach at Old Reds in Bristol and a former academy coach, gives us a wide-ranging view of making the most of the new regulations in Embracing the challenge, chaos and creativity of Stage C.

Also, check out our RTP: Three touch rugby games that give better context. Lots of ideas to try out here.

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