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Build a tackling session for a fresh start

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With lots of teams thinking about tackling again, here are four activity ideas to build up tackle confidence and defensive awareness. They can also be combined into one session: Technical warm up: Tackling memory jogger Skills development: Tackle balance Skills game: 2 v 4 contact box Game awareness: Bounce out tacklers MORE

Back to action games planning

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Challenge your players to think harder about how they play and prepare to play, even if they may not be playing a match at the weekend. First, play games with a purpose. Of course, retain the elements of fun, but be clear on what potential outcomes each game might have. Second, play a variety of games and game situations. Mixing up the games will force players into changing mindsets and figuring out different problems. MORE

Four ideas for training this weekend

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It's going to be wet and wild across the UK this weekend. If you are in another part of the world, we hope you will be enjoying better weather. Covid lockdowns mean that, if you can get out and train, this is a massively important connection time for your players. Here are four ideas for activities you can use. Quick to set up and play. We hope you enjoy your weekend. MORE

Your 15 minutes of contact

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We are itching to get back to contact. While there's lots of fun and learning to be had around the touch rugby, lots of players (and coaches) want to get physical. Here are four ideas to use when returning to contact. You can easily dial up the intensity and perhaps combine two of them in quick succession after a couple of training sessions. MORE

Defence decision-making activities

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The basis for good defence always starts with strong tackling. However, the defenders also need to be connected as a group to ensure that the attacking options are closed down. Here are some defensive activities that you can run in training, even if you are not allowed to use tackling. All of them require good connections and decision-making. The attacking group will want to "win" and score, so the defensive group has to find creative ways to stop them. MORE

Tomb raider and other fun tag games

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Give your players lots of fun ways to improve their skills with simple games which have easy-to-define outcomes. Here are four to play around with. Though they are aimed at tag, you can easily adapt them for older and more experienced players. MORE

Add rugby value to your touch games

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While we've enjoyed lots of touch rugby recently, we need to think of more ways to challenge the players to allow them to improve as rugby players. One way is to think about ball placement. That is, what the tackled player does as they reach the ground. In touch rugby, you can make the touched player fall and present in a certain way. Here are some ideas around the best options for ball placement and also ways to break out into skills zones. MORE

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