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Beat them in attack, intercept them in defence |...

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Rugby is essentially an invasion game. One of the core skills is evasion, and therefore, by definition, interception. Evasion is not just running to where a defender isn't. It's try to fool them at the same time, to make that easier. Of course, the defender should be thinking the same, just in reverse! MORE

Offloads from grip to games | Activities, drills and...

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An offload is just another name for a pass out of the tackle. It's a powerful skill because it can create opportunities to attack a less-organised defence. If it is so powerful, why don't more teams use it? Because there are plenty of risks involved, firstly in terms of the difficulty of the skill. Reduce these risks by using the following techniques, activities and games. MORE

Secure your kick offs | Activities, games and tactics

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Kick offs can be the stuff of nightmares. For some reason, players shutdown from their normal operations and there's a danger that any advantage from just scoring is thrown away. That's just one of many reasons to spend time on the skills needed to secure the ball, skills that some players will only use during this phase of the game. MORE

Lineout training tips and defensive tactics

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It's an age-old saying, but often applies to the lineout: don't spend too much time on the tricks when you need to make sure you know the trade. Some coaches will concentrate on clever lineout plays, when in fact a good throw, jump and/or lift can be sufficient in the first place. MORE

Get physical | Drills, activities, warm ups and game...

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Avoid contact. That's always the best tactic. Yet, the defending team will be hellbent on tackling your attackers. Therefore, you need to be prepared to take contact, and make sure you win those collisions. Here are a range of activities to develop the skills and decision making to ensure you retain possession, whether your players are brought to the ground or not. MORE

Seasons greetings from Rugby Coach Weekly – and four...

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Seasons greetings to all our readers. You may be just getting ready for a new season, halfway through your season or just taking a well-earned break from the game. However, unless you are in the professional game, training is very likely to be on-hold for the next week. So, here are some reflective thoughts ready... MORE

Top tackling techniques and even better tackling activities

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Players can always improve their tackle technique. And Phil Larder, who was the architect of England rugby’s Iron Curtain defence when they topped the world, shows us how. Follow his Side-on tackle essentials, and share the video with your players. Challenge them to coach themselves, so they can recall all the key pointers and then highlight... MORE

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