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Six Nations’ Lessons: Wales classic multiple 2 v 1...

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Wales scored a magnificent try against England, executing FOUR "2 v 1" situations in quick succession to score a try that started inside their own 22m area. Two attackers against one defender is a classic decision-making training scenario. There are lots of different ways to set it up. Here are four activities which ensure that there are plenty of variations to keep the players focused on using accurate skills under pressure. MORE

Off the ball and ready to attack – activities...

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Every player who's not carrying the ball in attack needs to think about how they can be effective "off the ball". In simple terms, it means realigning to receive the next pass, or the pass after. However, in the chaos of a game, players who are not close to the ball will find it harder to do things like "hold their width" or "maintain their depth". Lots of jargon already, which can be difficult to comprehend for more novice players, let alone more experienced players trying to be more effective. MORE

Sevens attack, defence and training | Skills for all...

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Sevens always provides plenty of thrills and spills. It is also the toughest examination of individual skills under extreme fatigue conditions. There are no hiding places. While the skills are the same as for the full version of the game, tactics and training are often different. Here is the latest thinking and ideas for improving your sevens coaching. MORE

40 ways to make your team stand out in...

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Now we are back into the swing of the season again, it’s time to give our training fresh impetus. Here are 40 of our latest sessions, activities, games, tactics and coaching advice to give you momentum. We’ve split it into: handling, attack, contact, defence, kicking, coaching, games, set piece and mini rugby. Handling VIDEO: Handling... MORE

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