New to Coaching?

Not sure what to coach, or even how to coach?

If you're new to coaching you may be uncertain about how to lead a team of energetic kids, keep them engaged, having fun and wanting to come back for more. Or you may be worried about coaching the wrong thing and letting the side down. Help is at hand, even for "non-rugby" volunteers.

Here at Rugby Coach Weekly we understand how you feel, because we've been there. Our expert youth coaches together have decades of experience of coaching all the age-groups, and they were beginners once. We have been bringing their advice to new coaches for 10 years and can help you be the best coach you can be.

We recommend EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities as a starting point for all rookie coaches. It is the world's first soccer coaching curriculum that provides age-appropriate activities for the group that you coach.

You can get EasiCoach materials for age groups from U7 to U14 as a paying subscriber to this website. If a subscription is not for you, visit our shop where you can buy the materials in printed and ebook format.

Sharper angles, cut them open

in Footwork and evasion, Practice plans, Rugby drills

This basic footwork session will benefit players in all positions as they attack defenders in close or wide situations. They will have to see where to run and change angle sharply and at pace to adjust. By Dan Cottrell CHALLENGES > Run hard at the first gap, then change direction when indicated. > Look up... MORE

Stop us being too flat in attack

in Ask Dan, Attack, Defence, Rugby coaching, Rugby drills

  Q  How can you improve players’ alignment to stop them getting too flat, so they attack with pace.  Nick Howe, St Paul’s School, U13s A  While you can drill alignment, it rarely transfers into matches. That’s because players don’t sense the context and therefore, when they reach the same situations in matches, they don’t... MORE

Your man, my man

in Defence, Rucking & Mauling, Rugby drills

Use this simple defence activity to help defenders work in pairs, while giving one defender more responsibility than the other. By Dan Cottrell WHY USE IT This puts emphasis on taking responsibility for tackling. You can run this as a full tackling session or just “grab” tackling. SET UP A 10m square containing a 1m... MORE

Scrum session builder

in Rugby drills, Scrums & Lineouts

Session builders take you from one player to a unit to work on their skills piece by piece. The first in our series looks at the scrum. By Dan Cottrell Key technical pointers > Body shape: flat back, with knees vertically in line with hips, or just in front or behind. > Wobbles: break quickly,... MORE

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