Mini tag

Five seconds to play

in Mini tag

Reset attack and defence quickly and then see who reacts the quickest. Have around seven players running and passing a ball in the box When you shout “free pass” and two names of players, you get the ball and run to one of the sides of the box The two players you call come with... MORE

Out and back

in Mini tag

Create a watertight defence against a runner. This game tests attacking prowess as well as tagging. The ball carrier must go forward. One ball carrier runs forward One defender starts in the centre, the other two on each sideline Once one ball carrier has gone through, the defenders realign and the next attacker goes If... MORE


in Mini tag

Mix some speed with passing and communication with this simple game of Rodeo. A nominated lead player runs to a box with the others following Once all the players are in that box, he runs to another box The ball carriers’ partners wait at the side of the pitch Call out a line to run... MORE

Release the dogs

in Mini tag

Use this problem solving passing game to improve communication as well as accurate passing. Four ball carriers run forward across the danger zone Two ”dogs” wait on the cones Two taggers come forward to tag the ball carriers If a player is tagged, they stop where they are tagged If a ball carrier crosses the... MORE

Cat and mouse

in Attack, Mini tag

Keep your ball carriers in the field of play as they try to beat the defenders. ACTIVITY Line up the mice at one end of the box Have two cats ready to go. They take it in turns to come forward The mice are not allowed into the traps. If they do, they swap with... MORE

Maverick and the Goose

in Attack, Mini tag

The attacking player needs to beat the defender. If they can’t, they can pass the ball to their support player. This activity works on evasive skills, creating space, support and continuity. Maverick and the Goose start in the middle of first two boxes Each defender waits 2m inside their box Maverick (ball carrier) runs into... MORE

Free pass chasers

in Attack, Defence, Mini tag, Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

Encourage a good free pass and acceleration of the ball carrier, with the free passing looking to support a possible return pass. By Dan Cottrell Two attackers start with a free pass when you call a colour The defender runs to the coloured cone you called The free passer aims to be support the ball... MORE


in Attack, Defence, Mini tag, Rugby drills

Develop both attack and defence support roles with this attacking challenge. The attackers have different levels to complete to see how many tries they score. By Dan Cottrell The first starting point is 2m from the try line, and then each subsequent turn is another 2m back Two attackers start on the first 2m line,... MORE

King of the threes

in Defence, Mini tag, Rugby drills

Develop a cohesive defence by encouraging the players to work in threes. This activity focuses on the middle player making the tag, and the other two forcing the ball carrier into the tagger. ACTIVITY Only this player can make a tag The outside players can block the tagger The ball carrier aims to get to... MORE

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