Mini tag

Rock, paper, scarper

in Mini tag

Use this reaction, pass and chase game to improve your players' basic skills. The simple start can be developed into lots of different versions. You can set up lots of groups at the same time. MORE

Zombie escape

in Mini tag

Ball carriers have to evade the static zombies. If one does get tagged, then the zombies are released and the ball carriers have to make it to safety MORE

1,2,3 Mr Wolf

in Mini tag

A variation on the playground game where the wolf tries to escape the hunters. The hunters sneak up on the wolf. The ”wolf”, holding a ball counts to three. On three, they turn Two hunters walk up the side of the box They cannot be moving if the wolf is looking at them If the... MORE

Fizz, buzz

in Mini tag, Rugby drills

Develop passing techniques before unleashing an attacking and defence situation. A quick-fire game to challenge players to think about space and communication (it happens sometimes!) MORE

Tiger trap

in Mini tag

Develop your attackers go-forward and evasion skills in this tough footwork exercise. Quick to set up, you can have lots of groups going at the same time. MORE


in Mini tag

Two rival gangs aim to get their “swag” to the end of the box without being captured by the other gang. MORE

Five seconds to play

in Mini tag

Reset attack and defence quickly and then see who reacts the quickest. Have around seven players running and passing a ball in the box When you shout “free pass” and two names of players, you get the ball and run to one of the sides of the box The two players you call come with... MORE

Out and back

in Mini tag

Create a watertight defence against a runner. This game tests attacking prowess as well as tagging. The ball carrier must go forward. One ball carrier runs forward One defender starts in the centre, the other two on each sideline Once one ball carrier has gone through, the defenders realign and the next attacker goes If... MORE


in Mini tag

Mix some speed with passing and communication with this simple game of Rodeo. A nominated lead player runs to a box with the others following Once all the players are in that box, he runs to another box The ball carriers’ partners wait at the side of the pitch Call out a line to run... MORE

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