Avengers: Infinity wars

Give attackers and defenders special powers to manipulate a game of four v four. Using the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars as an inspiration, the players can develop the power themselves. Perhaps have headbands to represent the stones.

  1. ŒSet up a normal game of tag rugby, with attackers starting two steps in front of the back line
  2. The defenders start in the middle

  1. ŽIf a player achieves a skill you’ve identified before, they earn an “Infinity Stone”
  2. That player can choose how to use that Stone. For instance, the Orb has the opposition team restart on their stomachs
  3. Some players have one go with a special power if they have earned an Infinity Stone
  4. Reality Stone: Defender stops the whole “go” and subsequent “goes” when they make a tag Attacker has three tags, needs two to be removed before they are stopped

  1. ’Using the Space Stone on the defence, saying which cones they must start on (can do the same for the attack too)
  2. “The attack has three tag tackles in which to score in. The attack has three goes (or lives), before attack and defence change over


See which powers work best, and then how you can react to the new shapes in attack and defence.


A 14m by 10m pitch or size to suit.


  • Set up a normal 4v4 game of tag.
  • The attacking group start two steps in the playing area and the defenders on the halfway. Start with a free pass, but it can be from any point on the attacking start line.
  • Play one “go”, where the attackers have three tags to score. If the ball is lost or goes out of play, then restart.
  • They have three “lives” before the teams swap.

The Infinity Stones

  • Award a stone to any player who does a skill well. These are identified before the game.
  • Award a stone to a team who score a try or complete a defensive set.
  • The following stones can be awarded (for one play only).

Space Stone (Tesseract) – The opposition start on coloured cones designated.

Reality Stone (Aether) – In attack, one player is given three tags, but must have two tags taken off before they pass. In defence, one player stops the whole attacking goes if they make a tag.

Power Stone (Orb) – The opposition team start on their stomachs.

Mind Stone (Loki’s Sceptre) – One player joins your team.

Time Stone – One player is only allowed to walk.

Soul Stone – Can remove a player from the next play.

The individual receives the power themselves or chooses the opposition change. The team can choose who receives the power.

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