Mini tag

Four fun games for mini tag (and older players...

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Need to inject some new ideas in training. Sometimes the old games have run their course. Well, for the time being anyway. Here are some fun games which are quick to set-up and, with few rules, give the players new challenges. Though they are primarily aimed at mini-tag, you can easily adapt them for older players. I think you find the energy generated quite uplifting. MORE

Guide to coaching U7s and tag rugby

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Participation and fun are the core outcomes for under 7s. However, concentrate on: Evasive running to score tries - that is running forward but able to step to the side of a defender. Catching and passing - probably when the players are static. Don’t worry about defence. MORE

Turtle tag

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Use this quick attack-defence-evasion game to improve your players' awareness and speed. It can easily be developed to include other elements like self-organisation and decision making. MORE

Tri-try challenge

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Challenge the attackers to come up with ways to score three tries without being touched. They have three try zones, and different rules to keep them thinking. MORE

Avengers: Infinity wars

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Give attackers and defenders special powers to manipulate a game of four v four. Using the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars as an inspiration, the players can develop the power themselves. Perhaps have headbands to represent the stones MORE


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A variation on piggy-in-the-middle with changing options as the game continues. Use a large die or just call out the numbers to change the constraints. MORE

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