Core skills focus for handling, contact, kicking and rucks

In the busy preparation for the season, core skills training plays a vital part in building better outcomes under pressure. Rugby Coach Weekly has a strong focus on this area, with expert analysis and sessions to improve players at all levels.

What are core skills? These are the must-know, must-execute techniques that players need in game situations, so they can effectively attack and defend.

Here are four sessions that work on those areas:

Recover your own kick
Kicking the ball doesn’t have to mean conceding possession. This session looks at how to win back the ball from two main types of kick – the box kick and “chip and chase”.

Gorillas in the hits
To help your team dominate the contact area, players need to be low and able to drive forward. Get your players to work in strong body positions by taking up the shapes of gorillas, and then driving through.

Handling different defences – three scenarios
Use all your handling skill options in these three attacking scenarios. The outside backs need to communicate clearly where the spaces are to help the inside backs make the right decisions.

Take, step, fend, offload
Quick ball manipulation allows players to keep the ball free in contact. Then, they can offload it to support players, who are confident they can take a pass from the ball carrier. If the ball carrier half breaks a tackle, he is in a position to offload. Use this session to develop these options.

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