Attacking in the wet

Practise attacking plays for wet weather so that your players are prepared for rainy match days. Use these two simple plans to attack space and pressurise the opposition in the middle to last third of the pitch.

These drills will help your team attack when it’s wet – whilst minimising the risk of coughing up possession.

  1. Play 9 or more attackers against at least six defenders (holding ruck pads).
  2. First, with the attackers taking the ball forward.
  3. On making contact with the ruck pad, the ball carrier goes to ground and his teammates win the ruck, move the ball out and create another ruck.
  4. The attackers use one-pass plays or pick and go.
  5. They continue to do this until they reach the 5m line, and here the 9 kicks behind the ruck for his team to chase.
  6. No superheroes! The ball carrier should go to ground as soon as he is touched. At least two players should clear over the ball.

  1. Now the attack goes into the first ruck, then (1) passes out once towards the near touchline, then (2) rucks and passes back once the other way and, finally, (3) “flashes back” towards the near touchline.

Wet weather techniques

  1. Use latches where a support player drives the ball carrier through the contact.
  2. Pick and go for short gains.
  3. Use short passes from the base of the ruck, with support players close by.
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