Use scenarios to engage players

in Small-sided games, Tactics

Scenarios offer a great way of engaging your players in games. By putting the players in a specific point of a well known match, they get the opportunity to develop their game management. For younger players, scenarios give them the opportunity to be their favourite players of their favourite teams. For older players, scenarios give them the opportunity to challenge their decision making with regards to the score-line and also how to deal with specific threats or weaknesses in future opposition. MORE

Aerial noughts and crosses

in Kicking & Catching, Small-sided games

Improve your kicking with a game of aerial noughts and crosses. Teams take it in turns to kick the ball and aim to drop it in a square which marks their nought or cross. Aerial noughts and crosses gives your players a chance to make accurate kicks with additional tactical pressures as you build the game.  MORE

Train to transition fast to exploit weaknesses

in Tactics

Transitions are great opportunities to score or win the ball back. They’re also a dangerous moment to lose the ball. By supporting your players to better understand transitions, you can help your team be more effective when winning the ball back: increasing their chances to score; and more effective when losing the ball: increasing their chances of winning the ball back and reducing the chances of conceding. MORE


in Small-sided games, U10+

This is an adaptation of a game I use in school. It’s great as a warm-up or as a game to encourage and support creativity before moving towards a more rugby-specific game. It encourages and challenges evasion skills, spatial awareness, communication, as well as passing, kicking and catching. MORE

Using the “freeze” reward to enhance your game play

in Small-sided games

Use a game with a "freeze" reward to challenge your players’ awareness, scanning, communication and to plan ahead. The game involves the attack or defence (depending on your focus) freezing the opposition as a reward for completing an agreed criteria. For example, if a team complete five dominant tackles, they can freeze the opposition for 3 seconds to realign. MORE

Colours game

in Small-sided games

Use a game of “Colours” to challenge the awareness and communication skills of your players. The game revolves around different coloured try lines (and eventually balls), either the players or coach can call the change of colour, which then changes the direction of the attack. The challenge: All the players must react to the change in direction of the pitch, being aware of which try line is where, where their players are aligned, which way they are now attacking and defending, and communicating to support a faster, more effective transition. MORE

King of the ring

in Rugby drills, Tackling

Use a game of "King of the ring" to encourage better tackles which dominate the ball carrier. Reward strong, successful front-on tackles where the tackle is completed and the ball carrier is driven back over their line. It encourages getting off the defensive starting line to make the tackle. This reduces the space as quickly as possible. The attacker still has an incentive as they want to make the tackle impossible or as difficult as possible. MORE

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