Tackle reaction

in Defence, Rugby drills

Coming in the defensive line at speed needs the players to react to possible changes in angles by attackers or late entry into the line. Use this activity to work on awareness and footwork… Good line speed tends to increase pressure on the attack but it can cause problems for the defenders unless they can react quickly to last moment changes in the attackers. This activity keeps defenders on their toes and moving forward MORE

Attack the inside edge

in Attack, Tactics

When the 9 runs, it creates an extra player in the line. So exploit that to create gaps between the opposition 10 and open-side flanker at the scrum. This play should be used from a left-side scrum. MORE

Buster ball from quick rucks

in Attack, Rugby drills

When you dent their line and win a quick ruck, it pays to have a play in your locker to make a decisive break while they’re recovering their shape. Have your 9 run off the forwards with this “loop and give”. MORE

Switch on to tap and go

in Attack

Although a “tap and go” by the 9 is off the cuff, players will benefit from some structure to make the most of opportunities. Use this session to get your team in the mindset of quick plays from penalties. MORE

Kick attack options

in Rugby drills

Use this drill to vary the kicking tactics for a flat or deep 10. It will help him target the right areas to kick to, and improve his reading of the defence and decision-making about whether to pass or kick. MORE

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