Realign to win the gain line

in Attack, Rugby drills

Once you’ve gone to the tackle line with your attack and have won quick ball, you need to be in shape to attack again quickly. Use this low-impact exercise to realign quickly and efficiently. MORE

3 ways to stop a ball poacher

in Contact, Rugby drills

The best way to stop an opponent stealing your ball is to beat him to the breakdown. But if you do lose the race, use one of these three techniques to thwart him – in and out, scissoring or breaking the pane. We don't endorse the "croc roll" where the player is rolled out. MORE

Attacking in the wet

in Attack, Core skills, Tactics

Practise attacking plays for wet weather so that your players are prepared for rainy match days. Use these two simple plans to attack space and pressurise the opposition in the middle to last third of the pitch. MORE

The ultimate pick and go

in Attack, Tactics

Use this pick and go from a lineout play into the midfield to create a soft seam to run your forwards at. By driving opponents at the ruck in and back against the grain, it opens up the field to allow your forwards to continually pick and go at the backs. MORE

Clever reload move from a lineout to attack the...

in Attack, Tactics

Bring your quick winger into the game by hiding him at the back of a ruck and then unleashing him down the blindside. Run a play into the midfield from a scrum or lineout. Put your winger behind the ruck and then, as you go back blind, pass to him behind the forwards. The opposition winger will be marking too many options. MORE

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