Win more rucks with fewer numbers

in Rugby drills

Good decision-making is crucial if you’re to secure your ball without committing too many players – or know whether to compete when defending. There are key two ruck decisions to make: numbers and style of rucking. How do players know whether to commit to the ruck or not? MORE

Clearing out and taking off

in Contact, Rugby drills

Make sure your players take off when they arrive at the tackle contest – they should “land” first and then drive up. This activity will reinforce the correct technique and put your team on the front foot. MORE

Gorillas in the hits

in Contact, Rugby drills

To help your team dominate the contact area, players need to be low and able to drive forward. Get your players to work in strong body positions by taking up the shapes of gorillas, and then driving through. MORE

Busy, busy ball presentation

in Contact, Rugby drills

No matter how a player is tackled, placing the ball back is a matter of timing. Once it’s placed, it’s fair game for the opposition – so keep active for longer in the first of our core series on winning the ruck. MORE

Dynamic ball placement

in Contact, Rugby drills

Good ball placement is non-negotiable. It reduces the risk of a turnover, allows the next players to clear threats quickly and enables the 9 to clear the ball fast. Use this activity to get it spot on. MORE

The interceptor

in Attack, Attack, Rugby drills

They can lift or break a team’s spirit – such is the power of an interception try. This exercise develops defensive and attacking decision making as outside backs look to intercept the ball as it’s passed wide. MORE

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