Get the tackle X-factor

in Core skills, Tackling

If the tackler can win the first part of the impact, they can manipulate the ball carrier – slowing down possession or even winning the ball back. Here are four ways to make a bigger impact… MORE

Tackle impact and grip

in Core skills, Tackling

Use these two activities to work on the tackle impact and grip for a front-on and side-on tackle. They’re good exercises to use before more intense tackle work and can form part of your warm-up. MORE

Shape up before you tackle

in Rugby drills, Tackling

By adopting the right body shape and footwork, defenders can close down ball carriers and make stronger impacts. This exercise will help your players adjust so they can produce effective tackles. MORE

X-factor tackle tips

in Rugby drills, Tackling

Think and act smart as you’re preparing to tackle and you’ll achieve results every time. Follow these simple practices on footwork and awareness to give your players the edge when defending. MORE

VIDEO: Perfecting the spin pass

in Rugby drills

The spin pass comes into its own when wanting to combine greater speed and distance – seeing a 10 fizz a long pass to an outside back is a thing of beauty. Here’s how to get players started… MORE

Hinge to the trigger

in Rugby drills, Scrums & Lineouts

This is a great high-energy drill to use before moving on to lineout plays later in your unit session. It’s a competitive activity to develop lifters’ reaction times and technique, both in attack and defence. MORE

Catch at every angle

in Rugby drills, Scrums & Lineouts

Even the best lineout throws will require some agility on the jumper’s part, as he must reach across to the middle line. So work on their ability to take the ball at all angles and still deliver it cleanly to the 9. MORE

4 v 4 lineouts for tempo

in Scrums & Lineouts

Lineouts start with the players walking into the set piece. Your players need to get used to arriving, concealing their intentions and having the confidence to jump to meet the throw. MORE

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