Win the ruck with just one player

in Rucking & Mauling

Winning a ruck with just one player is a great way to maximise numbers post contact. In open spaces, this is a top skill to develop to retain quick ball and play again. Attacking away from congested areas, this is an ideal way to keep quick ball going. It’s also a good individual skill for normal rucks too. MORE

Great four-man lineout plays

in Scrums & Lineouts

A four-man lineout gives a great chance to win the ball and then attack with support into the opposition midfield. Here are the simple options to ensure clean ball to attack with. Set up a platform and space to attack with “spare” forwards. You have five forwards involved in the lineout, so three players can be in the backline. MORE

Hip, twist or turn: how to take contact

in Contact

There are three main options for how the ball carrier takes the ball into contact. A better understanding of the different methods will help your players decide. Though we want the ball carrier to avoid contact, there will be times when they will be tackled and still able to adjust to take the impact on their own terms. MORE


in Contact, Rugby drills

Develop your players’ decision making at the post-tackle so they can steal the ball or prevent the ball from being stolen. By using a points scoring system, the players start to understand the risk and reward elements of going for the ball at the tackle or driving over. MORE

7 things to do before the end of the...

in Rugby coaching

Even if your season has still some time to run with cups, play-offs, fixture catch-ups and tournaments, those last few weeks can fly past. Be organised to set yourself up for next season. 1 REFLECT YOUR SQUAD AGAINST DEVELOPMENT TARGETS Junior sections may have a club expectation or suggestion as to what players at each... MORE

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