The Final: The Remarkable and Untold Story of the...

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The remarkable and untold story of the 2014 Rugby World Cup winning England side from the view of their coaches, Gary Street and Graham Smith. In this episode, early forays into the women's game, creating monsters, hotels 'down the road’, how one tackle in 2006 changed the face of English women’s rugby and the how pain of the 2010 World Cup Final loss drove them both towards 2014. MORE

Graham Smith: The modern scrum

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Eamonn Hogan chats with World Cup winning Graham Smith about the modern scrum. Graham, who is a level 5 coach, coached England Women to a World Cup in 2014 and six Grand Slams. He has coached with the Worcester Academy, CN Poble Nou in Spain, Stoke and Moseley RFC. Graham and Eamonn cover the following... MORE

Onto the fringe and into the fire

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One of the most difficult things to teach a group of players is their ability to change from a defensive mindset to an attacking one effectively. Here is an activity that does just that. Make the players think that they need to defend as an organised unit and then be able to attack at pace when the ball is turned over. It’s not going to be easy. MORE

Three column counter attacks

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Develop a long passing counter-attack game which includes accurate kicking, fielding and moving the ball to space out of your 22. Use this whole pitch exercise to work on the right skills. In a territorial kicking game, your backfield cover needs to be confident to field kicks, pass long and either kick long or run back. MORE

Counter attack Ts and Cs

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Improve your players’ understanding of their roles to make sure you can retrieve kicks and attack space when in possession. Play with your Terms and Conditions, not the kicking teams’. When a team kicks into space, the defending team needs to communicate and fan out so it can run back at spaces. MORE

The ever-changing channel

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Develop handling decision-making skills where the attack faces different defensive pictures and have different supporting options coming through. The players will have to look ahead, read where best to support the ball carrier and finally, clearly communicate where they are in relation to the ball carrier. MORE

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