How to review your season ready for next season

in Rugby coaching, Team Management, Tips

Sometimes the most logical answer to a problem isn’t the right one. So when assessing how to improve performance, apply the DAP principle to your thought process – Deep, Accurate, Practical. So, you’ve reached the end of the season or you are getting ready for next season. The most difficult thing you’ll do at this... MORE

Move and tackle together

in Defence, Rugby drills

All defensive patterns require strong communication and an ability to work together as a line. Use this folding defence activity to get groups of players filling in and coming forward to tackle side-on. MORE

Recycle players, recycle ball

in Rugby drills, Tackling

If you’re on the ground you’re out of the game – which is bad news given the speed of rugby nowadays. So condition your players to spring to their feet and return to the defence in a productive way quickly. MORE

Pick and go basics

in Attack

Add effective pick and go plays to your tactics. Give your players the skills and decision making to use this ploy accurately. MORE

Ruck Ruck and Ruck again

Ruck, ruck and ruck again

in Rucking & Mauling

Step up from rucking hard to ruck decision making in this three-channel exercise that works on go forward and continuity while developing offload skills.   Why use it This focuses on the clearance of the ball in close ruck situations, developing continuity and offload skills once players have broken a tackle or got in behind... MORE

Cover tackle chaos-1

Cover tackle chaos

in Fun rugby games, Tackling

We spend a lot of time coaching players to avoid contact when ball carrying but there are times when an attacker has to run at an opponent, so prepare defenders for their 1v1 battles. MORE

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