Three column counter attacks

in Attack, Kicking & Catching

Develop a long passing counter-attack game which includes accurate kicking, fielding and moving the ball to space out of your 22. Use this whole pitch exercise to work on the right skills. In a territorial kicking game, your backfield cover needs to be confident to field kicks, pass long and either kick long or run back. MORE

Counter attack Ts and Cs

in Attack, Rugby drills, Small-sided games

Improve your players’ understanding of their roles to make sure you can retrieve kicks and attack space when in possession. Play with your Terms and Conditions, not the kicking teams’. When a team kicks into space, the defending team needs to communicate and fan out so it can run back at spaces. MORE

The ever-changing channel

in Attack, Return to play, Rugby drills

Develop handling decision-making skills where the attack faces different defensive pictures and have different supporting options coming through. The players will have to look ahead, read where best to support the ball carrier and finally, clearly communicate where they are in relation to the ball carrier. MORE

Play from the scrum

in Attack

Use this activity to develop your players’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities from a scrum. You could use this against a scrum machine as well. MORE

Defending in your own 22

in Defence, Rugby drills

Your 22m area is the opposition’s team “red zone” and most likely place for them to score points. Use this activity to help your players work harder than the attack and squeeze them out. This activity builds the idea before putting into a game realistic situation. MORE

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