Space race

in Attack, Small-sided games

Players must win the race to the best space when attacking. In defence, players must work early, scan early and look to close space to force errors. Attackers seek space, defenders take it away. This is also true over the ball. Run this game over a series of sessions to gain the most benefit as the players develop their understanding of the tactical implications. MORE

Best space attack game

in Small-sided games

Here’s a game I’ve been using in training around decision making at the breakdown in defence and attacking the best space when in possession. It is best delivered over a six to eight week block to embed the learning in both attack and defence. MORE

Do or die game

in Small-sided games

Use this blocked attack game (one team attacks for a period of time) to challenge players to apply the principles of play under pressure. The attacking team get extra “lives” for good support when they score tries. MORE

NFL touch

in Small-sided games

Using an NFL theme of gaining ground for each attack, this skills game focuses on the principle of support. It encourages players to focus on pass and follow actions and understand what good support looks and sounds like. MORE

Transition mission

in Small-sided games

Challenge players' decision-making during transitional phases of play. The game presents lots of opportunities to work against a broken defence, build momentum and create opportunities to score. MORE

Rainbow run decision making game

in Rugby drills, Small-sided games

Here are two versions of the same game. In each one, it is a basic 2 v 1, but the angles of attack and defence keep changing depending on the target. It really challenges the role of the support player to put themselves in a good position to give the ball carrier options. MORE

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