Rugby drill to coach hit and spin technique

in Attack

Attack rugby is about attacking the space. However, in close-quarter situations it is not always possible to find space. Instead, attacking players need to make themselves hard to tackle and ensure they can keep the ball alive. Coach the following rugby drill to teach hit and spin skills. MORE

Front on rugby tackling drills

in Tackling

Tackling for younger and inexperienced players mainly consists of front on tackles, which is the focus of the following rugby drills and coaching tips. This is a particularly good way to build confidence in your players, as it encourages the tackler to use the ball carrier's own momentum to bring them to the ground. MORE

Rugby drill tips for the two man tackle

in Tackling

If you can get two tacklers in the tackle, you will increase your chances of winning turnover ball. You're both more likely to win the contact contest and more able to compete for the ball. Use the following drills and coaching tips to help advance your players' skills. MORE

Rugby coaching drill for kick offs

in Kicking & Catching

You are guaranteed at least one kick off chase and one receipt in every game. Since they can define the way the game is going to proceed, kick offs are an important aspect to spend time on during your training drills. Use the following rugby coaching tips to organise and run a 30 minute training drill session focusing on the kick off. MORE

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