Rush defence rugby drill

in Defence

So many teams think they know how the rush defence ("blitz") works and yet it is more than just a fast rush up. This rugby coaching session looks at one version of the system, with your players asked to make more than one decision about their defensive roles. MORE

Rugby drill to work on awareness and vision of...

in Team Management

Before passing the ball from the back of a ruck, the scrum half has to be able to weigh up the options and make the right decision. He needs to be alert to everything going on around him, including the whereabouts of his team mates, the opposition and the ball. These rugby drills will improve his awareness and decision-making by working on his peripheral vision. MORE

Rugby drill for jackknife control of the ball

in Contact

The "jackknife" is a method of presenting the ball when tackled. It involves a fast, dynamic movement designed to get the ball back towards your own team and away from the defenders. The following rugby drill illustrates the move. MORE

Two v one continuous rugby drill

in Attack

One of the staple drills for many rugby coaches is the "round-the-corner" drill, where two attackers run back to a cone each, turn and attack into a box as a defender runs in the opposite direction before turning to defend. But a more effective rugby drill is suggested here to get attackers and defenders working on decision-making skills. MORE

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