Beating the cover

in Footwork and evasion, Return to play

If a player has made an outside break, they have to either make it to the try line or go as far forward as possible. That means straightening up. This activity develops this skill. Work on adjusting the line of running once a line break has been made. It’s good for all players to work on. MORE

Top coaching tips for all levels: Wilko, Goose and...

in Rugby Coach Weekly with Dan Cottrell

Dan Cottrell invites Nick Wilkinson, Nathan Gosling and Ian Hollingworth to discuss their latest thinking around coaching in the current climate. They bounce ideas off each other, share what works and what needs to be adjusted. It's all about practical ways to improve your team, at all levels of the game. Be ready for some coaching gold and innovative nuggets to take onto the training field today. MORE

From static to attacking with pace

in Passing & Handling, Return to play

Work on the players improving their timing and realignment by forcing them to begin a phase of play from a static start. They have to adjust quickly and attack with pace. Though many exercises start from a static position, you want to emphasise the stationary position for this drill. This will activate the minds more so because the players will be thinking ahead. MORE

The corner goal game

in Footwork and evasion, Small-sided games

Use this quick to set-up warm-up evasion game to challenge the players to avoid contact and, as defenders, work as a team. The defenders will have to think about where to put their strength, the attackers on how to overload the defenders. There could be some interesting solutions. MORE

Supporting the break

in Attack, Return to play, Rugby drills

Develop how the support player tracks the ball carrier so he can be ready to take a pass or help the ball carrier should he be tackled. Reading the movements of the ball carrier means the support player can find themselves in the best positions to receive the next pass. MORE

Good planning for good routines for happier players

in Email Newsletters, Rugby coaching, Rugby drills

Players respond well to routines at training. It gives them a safe environment where they feel comfortable to express themselves. That's one of many reasons to plan your session. That doesn't mean you don't have some flexibility and are prepared to adjust. But do that from a plan. Here's a potential plan which gives you and your players a good mix of the familiar and the new. You can stretch them in an activity they've done before, adding wrinkles as the players progress. You can introduce different techniques, tactics and skills in that part of the session or a new one. MORE

Core skills for 3 v 2s

in Attack, Return to play, Rugby drills

Help develop good passing and running line habits so players can execute 3 v 2s in all sorts of game scenarios. The session builds from technique through to skill activation. To hold defenders, attackers must run straight and pass hard. Simple techniques which need honing week-in, week-out. MORE

Perfect punting

in Core skills, Kicking & Catching

Work on your kickers’ specific technique so they can develop their natural kicking ability into a repeatable, accurate skill under pressure. An ideal session to run and then encourage players to use as homework. Challenge the players to practise with their stronger and their weaker foot. MORE

Create 2 v 1s from nothing

in Attack, Rugby drills

Help the ball carrier attract defenders and execute 2 v 1s. The player runs out, then in, then out, in an S-shape to draw one if not two defenders. The S-shape run pushes and pulls defenders out of position. By fixing the defender and then running at the gap between the defenders, it will force a defender out of the line and potentially create a gap MORE

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