Coaching non-lineout mauls

in Contact

Most controlled mauls are formed at lineouts. Open-field mauls carry more risks for the attacking team, but it’s still worth considering it as a tactic. Here’s how… MORE

Surprise tackles for different challenges

in Rugby drills, Tackling

I’ve been talking tackling to plenty of coaches in the last few weeks. That’s not unusual. Therefore, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite tackling “drills”: High pressure tackling reactions. I say drill because it’s a 1 v 1 exercise. MORE

High pressure tackling reactions

in Tackling

Get your players used to making side-on or front-on tackles with this high-octane exercise. The tempo will keep the players moving quickly into position and making choices on which tackle to employ. MORE

Create traditions with your teams

in Rugby Coach Weekly with Dan Cottrell

Dan chats with former Fiji captain Deacon Manu, who's now coaching in Singapore. Deacon has traveled the rugby world, representing Fiji and the Maori All Blacks, as well as playing for Waikato Chiefs and the Blues in Super Rugby and then for the Scarlets in Wales. They chat about the coaches he's experienced and now coaching with developing players and new players to the game. MORE

What’s my line?

in Attack

Help players understand where to run in support of the ball carrier and then react as the ball is passed, so they stay connected. MORE

3D touch rugby for better go forward

in Small-sided games

Change your try lines so they extend up the edges of the pitch to create a new sort of challenge for the players. The initial outcomes may seem strange, yet you may find the longer-term benefits help your team’s go forward. MORE

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