Chase, catch and turn

in Footwork and evasion

Use this conditioning game to help your players develop better footspeed, evasive skills and stop/ start skills. It comes from basketball, and is easy to set up and certainly fun for the players. With thanks to Chris Oliver of, this is a conditioning exercises that the players will love. First, it’s competitive. Second, it has a risk/reward element which makes the players think tactically about their actions. Finally, it has some great rugby outcomes. MORE


in Attack

Work from left to right and back a number of times up a channel, aiming to keep possession and go forward at the same time. It is a tactic that can be used to retain possession when running down the clock or to set up a drop goal. MORE

Hack and plunder

in Contact

This session thrives on the odd directions a rugby ball takes when it rolls along the ground and how the players react to it. It will improve footwork, vision, communication and reactions skills, as well as making for an alternative method of training. MORE

Busy bees: Keep-ball rucking

in Contact, Rucking & Mauling

Though you want to avoid defenders, sometimes you will have to take contact. Develop ways to retain possession at the ruck and after by keeping the ball carrier active in the tackle. Defences will aim to force turnovers if the ball carrier can’t release a pass. If the ball carrier works hard to twist, turn and spin during the tackle, they will become less of a target. MORE

Pass, run or ruck

in Contact, Rugby drills

Help players make good decisions at the breakdown on whether to pass, run or ruck depending on how many defenders are threatening the tackle ball. You want enough players to win quick ball without compromising your chances to launch effective attacks. MORE

4 secrets of a successful pre-season

in Coffee morning

In this exclusive event for Rugby Coach Weekly subscribers, experienced senior men’s and women’s rugby coach and player developer, and host of the popular RCW Roundup Rodeo podcast, Phil Llewellyn will reveal 4 ways to make the most out of your pre-season. You will discover: Three easy ways to start your planning Why you need... MORE

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