VIDEO: 9 pass out

in Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

Here are some fun ways to challenge your 9 or any player passes from the back of a ruck. Using pieces of equipment, you create unusual passing scenarios. It means that the passer has to find solutions, then adjust their feet to pass accurately. Also, the receiver has to time their run, based on the way the passer has adjusted themselves. MORE

Setting up the maul

in Rucking & Mauling, Rugby drills

Every team should have an effective maul in their locker. So use this session to work on the basics, which means ensuring your players all drive in the right direction while still protecting the ball. MORE

Develop the front-line 9

in Defence, Rugby drills

The scrum-half usually plays a sweeper role. But if your first line of defence is missing a player, he might have to step up to cover. Improve your 9’s defensive decision-making with this activity. MORE

Scrum training ideas for non-scrummaging coaches

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Good scrum ball is one of the most powerful sources of possession, whether you are trying to score tries or simply clear your lines. As a coach, you may have been lucky enough to play in the forwards and know your way around the scrum. However, there’s so much that’s new, it’s important to know... MORE

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