Buying time in contact

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Keep moving low, with the ball tucked away from the opposition, when under pressure in contact. It allows time for your support players to get to you, especially if you use the squeeze ball technique. MORE

How to exploit the space

in Attack, Rugby drills

Use this session to develop simple “catch and pass” skills to fix defenders and put the free player away – after reacting quickly to where the ball has come from. Don’t forget to run straight! MORE

Getting the ball to the wing | Activities, games...

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If your winger is one of your most potent players, you want to give him or her the ball more often! But it's not just as simple as a couple of passes. There need to be some "holding" patterns to keep the defence from spreading out to cover the threat. Here are four different ways to take advantage of your danger player. MORE

VIDEO: Learning to tackle with walking the line

in Rugby drills, Tackling

Tacklers need to feel confident that the right technique works. This is more difficult when they are practising with static targets. Part of the reason why a ball carrier goes to ground is that they are unbalanced, and so it's much easier to bring a moving player down to the ground. MORE

Get to grips with the ball

in Rugby drills

The better your players can carry the ball, the more chance they’ll be able to retain it in contact or pass it under pressure. So help them improve their holding and handling skills with these five top tips… MORE

Attacking the defence: Exploiting a fast number 8

in Attack, Rugby drills

A fast number 8 can be launched off the back of the scrum into the backline. Here’s how to exploit this. Place three tackle tubes in a T-Shape (or use cones or ruck pads). Have your number 8 (or any forward) stand at the bottom of the T with a defender on the right-hand side... MORE

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