Lockdown planning: Preventing quick ruck ball sessions

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In Lockdown planning: Quick ruck ball sessions, we focused on applying pressure on the defence. Now, let's plan for the other side of the ball. France's defence coach, Shaun Edwards says that it is his main metric for success: slowing down ruck possession. To enhance learning, you are better off focusing on an “arc” of learning for a specific area. This means spreading out the training over a number of weeks, rather than dedicating one session to this. MORE

How can I introduce more “dog” into my players

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received these two emails within a few hours of each other, so this isn’t an isolated situation. However, I will hasten to add, it’s not a problem either. Up to the age of 17/18, boys grow at very different speeds. This is both physically and mentally. It’s likely that the more “aggressive” teams you face have a number of boys are ahead of the curve in this sense. They are more mature than their peers. MORE

Sharper angles

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Get players to attack defenders in close or wide situations. They will have to see where to run and change angle sharply at pace to adjust. Players need the confidence to change angles, especially those players who are not used to sprinting and conditioning. MORE

How to keep your best players on the pitch...

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Demanding games tend to be toughest on your best players because they put themselves in the action the most. Help them manage themselves to play for longer. In a tough period of games there will be many players beginning to wane after successive demanding outings. The extent of this waning will depend on their strength... MORE

Why you might be wrong about the most important...

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For years, I've thought the most important principle to coach, both in attack and defence, is "go forward". The other principles support this, as the primary way to score is to go forward. In defence, you need to go forward to stop the attack going forward. I've changed my mind. MORE

Defensive scramble

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Develop the skills to cover an attack which might be outflanking your defence. This activity works on the choices to come forward or track back. If your team is in danger of being outflanked in attack, what do they do? In many cases, teams sacrifice territory by scrambling backwards across the field allowing them to... MORE

Positive framing is the way forward to 2021

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Make a negative into a positive. For example, "I need to see everyone's eyes on me" is better than "Some of us aren't paying attention". Immediately we are focusing on doing something well. We are avoiding "not", "don't" and "stop". Instead, we are firmly stating where we want to go. That's why I'm thinking forward to 2021. Framing it positively, I'm looking to do more good actions. I'm not looking back on went wrong, why it went wrong and stopping myself doing what went wrong. MORE

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