Roundup Rodeo Ep6: Reviewing last week’s pick of the...

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Host Phil Llewellyn with guests Paul Shepherd, Alex Field and Russ Bolton review some of the many great podcasts and webinars from the last week. The team pick out the key takeaways from each episode and how to use it on the pitch, at all the levels of the game. Richard Cheetham on embedding learning... MORE

Space, players and time – how and why small...

in Rugby coaching, webinars

This is a SHOTGUN webinar where we give you both barrels in 30 minutes. Dan Cottrell hosts Ged Hall, an experienced coach at grassroots and development level, as he gives us the real reasons to think about space, players and time in training. Don't just adjust them because you "think" it adds development. Learn why, learn how and learn when. MORE

RCW’s Haunted House: Episode 3

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The three unsuspecting coaches, Andy Stevens, Nathan Gosling and Jess Bunyard were invited to enter the Haunted House. I led each one into a room where they faced a terrifying rugby scenario. Each one was challenged to find a coaching solution. On the spot, no preparation and no get out clauses. Sink or swim. The other two coaches listened on, and at the end of the solution offered alternative views. One acts as the Devil's Advocate, offering a completely different angle to the first two MORE

Out of the blocks

in Defence, Rugby drills

Organisation and line speed are the foundations of an offensive defence. This activity develops the lines of running, communication and speed to put pressure on the attack. MORE

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