Rock, paper, scarper

in Mini tag

Use this reaction, pass and chase game to improve your players' basic skills. The simple start can be developed into lots of different versions. You can set up lots of groups at the same time. MORE

Zombie escape

in Mini tag

Ball carriers have to evade the static zombies. If one does get tagged, then the zombies are released and the ball carriers have to make it to safety MORE

Hitting the wall (of noise)

in Defence, Rugby drills

Focus on man-to-man marking, so the attack feels like it is running into a wall of defenders. It requires good footwork and working with the other defenders to make sure there are no holes in that wall. MORE

It’s that obvious, so why don’t we train like...

in Blog

Last week, I saw some high-level research into success for undergraduates from college. Go to lectures and you will pass your exams. This is hardly a surprise. Or is it? You can read the research here Plenty of students don’t go to lectures anymore. I don’t mean sleep in a couple of times or skip... MORE

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