Improve support by increasing individual skills

in Attack

Tom Brocklebank , Leicester Tigers junior academy coach, suggests that teams lose the ball at the breakdown because players don't look after the ball. Use competitive activities with consequences to improve their contact skills. MORE

Catch and drive securely in just three weeks

in Rugby drills

Lineouts are a powerful attacking weapon, especially if you can set your maul well. Done well and you could be rolling in to score from outside the 22m. Here’s a plan to get yourself set in just three weeks. You won’t be starting from scratch when it comes to perfecting maul skills but simply building on what players already know. MORE

Rock solid catch and drive

in Rugby drills, Scrums & Lineouts

Put your players into more realistic scenarios so they can test their skills in the same circumstances as they would in the game. It’s also a good test for the defenders too. It creates great go forward and the two players on either side of the catcher prevent the ball from being grabbed by the opposition. MORE

Don’t believe the template

in Rugby coaching

While demonstrations of a technique are helpful, they can also over-influence a player’s idea of what might work for them. Think differently about how you create a template for players to replicate. MORE

Are you a chef or a cook?

in Rugby coaching

Having your philosophy is vital no matter what level you coach at, insists Leinster and former England coach Stuart Lancaster. Your ideas and beliefs will shape player performance, so you must have a clear idea of how you want the game to be played. MORE

Clearing pass

in Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

The clearing pass from a ruck isn’t always made by a scrum half. Every player in your team needs to be able to perform it as it is unrealistic to expect the 9 to be at every breakdown. This activity is designed to make as many clearing passes as possible to allow you to see everyone’s ability. You then help players improve. MORE

Take a punt

in Kicking & Catching

Kicking is a core skill that all coaches need to know how to coach if they want to progress through their levels. Start early and get your players used to aiming at targets. There will be times when a player has to kick the ball whatever their position. Get all your players practising this skill... MORE

Repetition without repetition: 2v1s

in Rugby drills

Decision-making scenarios need to be slightly different every single time. Otherwise, players are not making decisions, they are simply repeating a technique. Here’s how to set up challenges that also create good habits. To beat one defender with two attackers, the ball carrier must draw the defender and then release a pass so the defender... MORE

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