Practise set-piece horrors

in Scrums & Lineouts

Though you aim for perfection, you know perfectly well that there will be times in the game when your team have to clear up the mess from a scrum or lineout. So, it’s worth devoting some training time to develop strategies to deal with these situations. MORE

Mix up your lineout training and tactics

in Email Newsletters, Scrums & Lineouts

Lineout training should be based around getting the basics right first. When Gary Gold was coaching the South African team with Victor Matfield and they were the best lineout in the world, he used to say: "They know where the ball is going, but Victor will always beat them into the air." But a lineout is not just about the jump/lift. It's also about what happens afterwards. Here are four activities to develop different aspects of this set-piece situation. MORE

Backwards set piece

in Rugby drills, Scrums & Lineouts

Not every set piece works out, and this session looks at some simple recovery strategies. It mainly involves one player retaining the ball, staying strong and then his team mates coming back to help him. A physical activity to develop ways to mop up errors. MORE

Fix a defender and pass

in Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

Hold defenders to retain space for receivers to move into. Here are the key points to fixing defenders which should help young and developing players to improve this skill. Generally, defenders want to chase the ball carrier, but their mind is always on whether to stay on the current ball carrier or move onto potential... MORE

How sharing Veo footage improves decision making (Product testing...

in Blog, Rugby coaching

In my previous article, I outlined how I set up my Veo for games and training. I've now had a greater opportunity to use it for recording games. Again, I come at this without much recent experience of using video analysis software. I don't have much time to sit down and code games. Instead, I will mainly use the footage to pick out some key points to help inform my coaching and to share moments with the players. MORE

Roundup Rodeo Ep63: Reviewing the best content

in Round-up Rodeo with Phil Llewellyn

Host Phil Llewellyn with guests review some of the many great podcasts, books, articles and webinars from the last week.  This week's guests: Cal Jones, Judo Coach and Anthony Hill, Director of Rugby at Nailsea and Backwell RFC, Bristol Bears DPP coach  The team pick out the key takeaways from each piece of great content and discuss how it can be applied to coaching. This week’s content Representative Learning Design and Functionality of Research and Practice in Sport – Pinder, Davids, Renshaw & Araujo, (2011) Return to Contact with Richie Gray - Magic Academy  MORE

Through the middle

in Contact

A bread and butter session working on beating an organised defence which is right in front of the ball carrier. Sometimes there’s no choice but to go through the defence. MORE

Don’t make 3 v 2s simple

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

During a match, 3 v 2s happen more times than you think. Yet, each situation can be different, with defenders and attackers arriving from different angles and starting close or far apart. You need to challenge yourself to replicate these scenarios in training. MORE

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