Drop, gather, attack

in Rugby drills

Dropped balls or loose kicks mean that the ball is on the ground and needs recovering. Use this session to work on the skills and decision-making around this situation. It’s not a natural action to fall on the ball. Help the players understand how to develop this technique as smoothly as they can. MORE

Two plus one v two

in Attack

Set up this problem for your players to solve and the solution might turn into a play. The extra attacker arrives from behind the front line and looks to attack different gaps. The hidden third attacker can create space for the ball carrier and front line support player as the defenders might be drawn to potential threats. MORE

Basics: The low chop tackle

in Tackling

The low chop tackle brings the ball carrier down quickly. It then offers the opportunity to turn the ball over. This type of tackle isolates the ball carrier from his support and also stops or delay offloads. Learn the basics of a chop tackle by ensuring the players use it as a side-on tackle. MORE

Scrambling: rear tackling

in Defence, Rugby drills

Most tackles from behind are from an angle. Use this session to develop the skills to make realistic tackles as players “scramble” back and chase a ball carrier. A rear tackle is a recovery tackle by a player who’s chasing. MORE

Mission impossible

in Small-sided games

Set challenges where an under-powered attack has to break down the defence. Break off into smaller groups to isolate the skills before returning to a conditioned game. MORE

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